Grant's Pass

P and I stopped at a diner and ate in Grant's Pass, OR, one of the sketchiest cities ever (Hi Karen!!!). We got weird big city food (garden burgers! vegetable sandwich!) and they came out pretty, uh, weird. P actually did get a vegetable sandwich. We saw it on the special board when we came in. Well, the kitchen and wait-staff weren't really queued up with knowing what this was. Before our food got to the table, I stood up to stretch my legs, and they were furiously erasing the vegetable sandwich off the board.

That sign says something like "Grant's Pass: It's the Climate!" Uh, Grant's pass? It's like a hundred and five out. What about that makes me not want to do Meth?


Pace! said...

John, you make me laugh harder than anyone. You're doing meth now?

karens82 said...


I feel like some kind of celebrity.

I have never eaten at Della's.

The "It's the Climate" sign is not very fitting this time of year, I love that it was miserably hot when you took that photo!

You're the best,