guess how many kinds of cheese are in these cheese nips!

freakin many varieties of cheese. (photo by P the brilliant artist)

rockin repeats

I don't know if I used this one before or not, but I'm getting some shots lately, so just hang in there for another month or so. What!!?? I can't post 9 per day forever! STEP OFF!!!1!


cell phone dispatches pt 3

My cell phone has a two megapixel camera in it, which is great and everything, but I just wish that it would actually vibrate when people call me. It's like Cingular is so obsessed with not having dropped calls that they just stonewall any possible bad connection. If the call doesn't exist, then it won't get dropped, right? It always vibrates and says, "new voicemail" or something, but it never even rang!!! Arnold Schwartzenegger, do something!!!

This is Fist Fite playing the Doug Fir. They're huge now!!!! It was so packed that I couldn't even get to the front. Just kidding, I just took this one from the bar. Oh yeah, I did have a ghetto camera that night and I wanted to poach photos of the Klaxons and like SELL them to NME or US weekly or something, but the battery was dead. Ah, ever the amateur.

cell phone dispatches pt 2

This is Wilson at his job looking rather French(?) or something. Oh, French Canadian! That's what he looks like!

This is a skate spot that I discovered. It's mad hard to skate as you have to quick up a curb, hit the short bank and ollie again up that little ledge, all I've gotten so far is an axle stall, but I'm working my way up to a pivot or a smith maybe? I don't know why I'm blogging this. Just to show all you haters the stuff that I've been rippin lately. If somebody wants to let me take an action shot on this bitch, I'm down.

cell phone dispatches from my camera phone

This is my old phone being boxed and sent away because it broke. Tonight I went to a kindergarden art show and there was a cake box with some tape on it that looked a lot like this.

Long awaited work shot, where, ironically, I'm not actually blogging from right now!!! Friday night computer geeking shut in, WHOO HOO!!!!! The chicken scratch things are for a certain task I used to have to do once a month or so, as you can tell it was pretty dang monotonous!!!

short on works this week

arm gestures

fore and aft

This week has just been hell. A new lady moved in across the walkway from me so I actually have to do more now than just look busy, and I'm winding down on those 5 rolls I got developed at once, so I'm just scanning for picts that look unused (not as good), and my hott asss girlfriend is going to the east coast for another 9 days (return of faux vacation). Then again, soon I'll be in NYC jamming out to air guitar mastery, and Jack moved to Portland with Liz!!!


coupla birds

Fish and birds are really similar, according to Jurassic Park, the movie.


ok, pervin'. No biggie

I guess these aren't as risque as I thought.

hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee

tidbits and pisces

I took in 5 rolls at once earlier this month, and I'm kind of getting to the shit at the bottom of the barrel that you have to use a straw and a filter to get out... I'm actually sitting on a ton more swimming hole shots but this is not that kind of web-site... Well, maybe it is, just not today


columbia river

with some sunlight and just looking out at Vancouver, just thinking about hanging out downtown Vancouver, maybe getting like a mocha or something



I hinted that this existed: you'd been warned!! And you're back anyways???

grip tych part two, a continuing series

this black part here is actually my finger. It looked transluscent in the viewfinder!!! I guess since I was shooting at f22, it's different than what you see thru the viewfinder. Who want's to talk about the law of diminishing focal length?!?!?1!!


grip tych

these are my bros that are going to go explode england and the continent at large (?). Those top two are just pictures of stuff. I thought I should put some bros on here, so I did. Also, I got caught twice surfing the web at work yesterday, so I'm unable to do 9 posts a day any more for a while, also, I'm training in a new job! It's pretty WHATEVER!!


trail sketching

Pand I were all, lets go hiking on this trail:
it turned out to be pretty brushy
but eventually we got to this nice cliff area with loads of rocks:


forest floor

See that little lizard swimmin around there?


just a coupla shots from the hood

I think they're pretty doggone BORING

the biggest bike posse so far this summer: Seriously too much bike possee

on a caboose

shop owners mind: "too much bike posse"

the bike posseess seriously grow every time. The pictures from this one are all over the internet (too lazy to link right now plus many of them are on Myspace which is blocked here at the office just flickr bike posse too lazy to use punctuation)

My bike posse shots sucked bad this go. I don't know why. I guess I should stop trying to be all radical with my exposure times and just let Freddy's do their thing.

Grant's Pass

P and I stopped at a diner and ate in Grant's Pass, OR, one of the sketchiest cities ever (Hi Karen!!!). We got weird big city food (garden burgers! vegetable sandwich!) and they came out pretty, uh, weird. P actually did get a vegetable sandwich. We saw it on the special board when we came in. Well, the kitchen and wait-staff weren't really queued up with knowing what this was. Before our food got to the table, I stood up to stretch my legs, and they were furiously erasing the vegetable sandwich off the board.

That sign says something like "Grant's Pass: It's the Climate!" Uh, Grant's pass? It's like a hundred and five out. What about that makes me not want to do Meth?


what it is?

I guess these are from the superfund site in North Portland. It would be a baller place to have a campfire. Let's go this weekend! Oh, and another thing-- I just realized why I don't really have any good jokes on here lately-- it's much less documentary photography (my life is just one big joke) and now its more of compositions. Less action shots, more still lives with water and stuff. Okay, I'm glad we got that straight.


this is just getting out of control, like headstash central with a side of granola