I swear, there will be ball busting swell new material soon!! I'm thinking like a Friday Threefer! Or fourfer. Wizzord, Wizard!

My Dog's, K and P. Some time in the past (all pictures are of sometime in the past. Show me a picture of "this is me in the future." Where the fck did you get that camera?--Mitch H)


"The Difficulty of Watching Pound Throw His Weight Around"

that was the caption from the Washington post. Fella's name is Dick Pound. He's the head of the World Anti-Doping Agency. And he Doesn't go by Richard, oddly. "The difficulty of watching Dick Pound throw his Dick Pound around"

It's this big



assorted ones

I got my camera back! And I already shot a whole roll of film! Keep checking in and I'll post them soonish hopefully

Mike with vortex:

Vortex (alone)


Mike V's 49th and 50th birfdayz

So I went camping with my folks, and realized that I only brought one roll of film with me. Dad was all, "here." He flung me a disposable camera that had been chilling in the trailor for, I guess, a while. Heck, these could have even been his 48th or 47th birthday. Who knows?

The oldness and being bakededness of the camera, I think, accounts for some of the cool visuals of the previous posts. Mom and Dad (Dad's 50th birthday):

They're pretty happy folks. I like em.

quit pervin on my mom

dude, I'm serious

P Dog fan-site

with hat:

with vortex (on boat)

With hilarious helmet:


Arty triptych (arty word)

Don't go chasin waterfalls

Left eye RIP. Those other two: word up! Or RIP one of them from Sickle cell aenemia??? Oh yeah, RIP Aaliyia too. Word
Oh yeah again, this is from the area rife with vorteces, Lake Billy Chinook, which is kind of a funny name for a lake I guess. Whatever!! I was on vacation

things that are fun to do

Mowing the lawn:

Drinkin brews with mah wommin (she's one classy broad)

werd up

Some clouds

just some clouds, I guess the picture got cut-off or something:

Oh yeah, this is my 100th posting!!! Happy Birthday!!!

new material!

I think these aren't really my style, but whatever! I took them, fool. They're from this room that's upstairs at my house across from my room that was vacant for a little while. Shot with a disposable camera that was a year old and stayed at my folks trailer for a year in the desert: fun weird film optics:

Fathers day

All I did was call my dad and be all "happy fathers day. I'm just keeping out of your hair." Which is enough. P's dad was in town, and I was hanging out with she and he all day. It was gay pride day, plus loads of eating and restaurants and it was kind of like this:
(Comic from xkcd.com)



There is the snack food called "bumps on a log," which is celery with peanut butter and little raisins on there. My old roomie k dog called them turds on a log. Because she's nasty, I guess. Well, today I invented a new snack: Just celery with raisins in a plastic bag (I didn't have time/effort to put on some peanut butter). My snack's called "This forest smells like shit; the humidity is really making these turds tender." Tell your friends. Also, I just farted a stinky one and I don't think my cubicle is air tight, so I feel bad for the ethnic Indian (the dot kind) sitting next to me.


Internet sensations

there is lolcats obviously, then I found Lolpresident:

Ah the internet. Such a wonderful thing

Something I found from serfing the web

I can't remember where I saw this or who drew it. Mr. ET. So funny. Well, I learned that it won't actually be 120 dollars to fix my camera. It'll be like 15-20 dollars. I went to the camera store and took control and straightenend them out. Then I went to an old person bar and shot pool for free against American Indians and ditch diggers and had tall boys to the maxxxxx.

Update!!! I bet it was from your daily awesome which has cool links. everyday


why the cameras in the shop

Still on Hiatus. Bummerzzzzzzz


from the archives hard core

I didn't think I'd ever have had to unearth this flick of Granny and Kayleigh, Scott's girlfriend. Scott bought a boat!!! WTF??? The camera store hasn't even gotten back to me with an estimate to fix my camera problem yet. BUMMER. WHATEVER


slide show

My camera is BUSTED. and hanging out in the camera fix it shop. So I might be on hiatus slightly. However, if you want to come over to my house, I'll do a legit old style slide-show in my basement. I got some slide film done recently, and my new Roomie Katie had just bought a slide projector, so, well, just come over and we'll do the slide show, with commentary, and oohing and ahing.


It's turning into Mom and Dad Fan-site pretty much

Mom must be getting old: the week's worth of pills. Mom also showing some youth: using a high tech (wired) headset for talking on the phone (land-line). Of note: her sweater matches her pill case-- se chic!!!

Mom, all hopped up on pills driving my lame ass around.

Mike, with a condescending look, polishes the fck out of his grill.


organic cows

playing with DOF and some nice grass

St Paul, OR is a nice little town. When I ride bikes from portland to salem I pass through there. There is one stop sign. Usually I go pretty slow through town, because it's a nice break from just straight farm-land. There usually isn't anyone wandering around or anything, it's just nice to look at the town and imagine. There is a cafe, a John Deere dealership, a school, and a rodeo stadium. This is the Church of St. Paul. I guess it's a pretty Catholic town.


Scott in the driver's seat

Someone said the other day "he's got a hard look in his eye."


I was talking to my brother on the telephone and he was all "where you at?" And I said, "I'm kicking it by some goats."

I learned that you keep a goat on a chain and it keeps the grass trimmed short in a perfect circle. It's cause the chain is like the radius of the circle of eating. The little ones are free to roam, but they definitely keep pretty clear of the old cranky goat.


Dad throwin down!!!!


Finally, a red field


This is some yellow

This looks like some cabbage or something. I think those are little flowers.


field of greens

There are other colors to follow

Bike posseeing

The first one was about 13 people, and we were all, "let's all just recruit a few people, and it will grow exponentially." The second one had like 30 people. Too Much Bike Posse is what it's called, because when we go to the convenient stores to get supplies, that's what the shop-keeper is thinking: "too much bike posse."

here we are out at the bluffs looking at the gay sunset.