Special cell phone picture update from the East coast!!!

Mac saw a stabbing!!! This is the face he made:

Life is tough in the City? Har har.

Mall and Paw

This plus this equals this



Jordan, Devon, and I found the best bar where happy hour is 7-9, and Buds are just a dollar. Hell yeah! Also, there was a hot rod outside that bar, which is good. Because that way we were, you know, hanging out with hot-rodders. I forget what it's called, but it's on the corner of Denver and Lombard, and it's my favorite bar.

Devon looking sort of skelatal. That's me in the background, so I guess Monroe took this pict, I think at B Side, my other favorite bar.

Ah Wilson.


moody blues

I took this picture on my pink toy camera. The optics on it are kind of interesting, I guess.

devon fan-site??

Here's Devon using his bicycle seat to sodomize himself? Uh, ?

Serious Wilson fan-site to tha meezhie

Wilson made some KGB's. You dip a lemon slice, one side in some espresso finely ground, the other side in some sugar. Then you take a shot of vodka. Then you put the lemon in your mouth, coffee side up. It's a pretty gritty affair


/\ photo by J Monroe

This one seriously reminds me of my aesthetic in high school photography classes. I'm down.



I was just listening to House debate on the war spending bill on C-Span and the house minority leader, John Boehner, just started crying during his speech, wailing, "when are we going to take on the terrorists, we're supporting the troops, yadda yadda yadda." His speech was so powerful he made himself cry. It made me laugh

Dog spelled forwards is dog

This is my backyard and a dog named Harley (horrible name for a dog, in my opinion)

She was pretty excited.

And really wanted to go inside.


oh, and then he vomited flowers

They're in that jar. Vomitting flowers is like that clown that barfs rainbows: Awesome!

Fan-site to the max!

I said this Kid, Chris Irick, was kind of eccentric. Well, the other night he ate a dozen roses.
Then he used a croquet mallet to, you know, mash it in.

They were Jess' graduation flowers. At first she was only a little upset, but then she kind of resigned and was just there, experiencing Chris eating roses.


Some of the weeds that I couldn't have grabbed onto much to keep from falling into the mud

Just a plain shot really. Sometimes my greens come out really good, other times, not so much. I remember standing there focusing on this forever trying to get some acceptable depth of Field. And, eh.

we had a bbq

Mitch. I'm pretty happy with this shot.

Mitch and Rachel (my new roomie)

Again, if you want to teach me about flash photography, I'm game. We grilled Tacos. (?) Grilled Tacos? Yeah, they were the bomb digity too!!

I did some okay flash photography on this one. I'm trying to learn about bouncing it around. The last grilled taco supper style

Non-plussed chicks

It was a pretty good time. I didn't eat much though. I had bought some hot dogs but they stayed in the fridge. Eventually I ate the whole pack of hot dogs without once making a chili dog. I'm really falling off, I tell ya.



What? I got tired!

There was a field with some rubbish, and I had just gotten done biking for like two blocks, so I stopped a snooped around. Mmm hmm, some piles here and there.

A house on stilts. Oh, of notice. Next door at this house I used to live in (on Lincoln St) was a house on stilts that was abandoned forever. Well, I biked by the other day and the house got finished! It actually looks really nice, I think they built a huge porch on there.


piles of stumps ha haw. These get huge when you click on them, btw. I don't know why. Freddies development is so bric a brac.

Riding bikes for 40 miles with mud-coated shoes

What a bummer: I was moving in for this really heady nature shot right on the Tualatin River, when my footing began to give-way. I could just see my legs getting submerged in the mud, sinking. Luckily I didn't, like, die or something though. Just a little mud.

This is the shot I was going for basically:

Right here /\ is where my feet started slipping in.

This old timer named Frank (are all old-timers named Frank? Only old timers are named Frank though right?) helped me hose off. He was heading for the Grand Canyon and the great American South West:

I chatted him up hard core. He was probably thinking "what a numb-skull."

Cows pt 4

Extreme cow close up!!!:

cows pt. 3

See? They were creepin

cows pt. 2

I stopped and started taking pictures of the cows and this fella came over to say hello. Soon, all his cow friends would come over too. By that time I had run out of film and didn't want to stand there facing like 10 2 ton animals fiddling with my camera gear.


cows part 1

I rode bikes from my house in N Portland to Keizer for mother's day. These are some organic cows. I had to lollygag hard core so as to not get too tired. The bike ride was too long for doing it all in one leg. Heck, I stopped at three Fred- Meyers!

rain biking

it was raining soooo hard one day when K dog and I were going to a bbq. It was raining so hard that I was just yelling (aaaaaahhhhrrrr, yelling and biking) and riding bikes and getting all wet. This is K dog's "braving it" face.


I died and went to heaven and there were power-bars there

from the super freddies in Tigard

some homies

d dog smoking a 5 dollar bill

Chris Irich. lives with wilson and devon and arcularius, a painter, an eccentric.

My new roomie Rachel. A painter. fcking artists!! I tell ya. I'd be pretty suprised if Rachel's paintings look anything like Chris'. I haven't seen her paintings because she still hasn't really moved in, meaning, she's just living out of a backpack maybe?

ta ta!

I've got a long way to go

If I'm ever going to be an action skate photographer, that is. For one, I was shooting right into the sun with inadequate fill flash. Devon broke it off pretty proper though half cabbing into this shaaaadey gravel bank.

Also, I think I gotta get a little closer.
This angle is pretty good, but it was either a bail or so sketch that he didn't make it down to the bottom. I need a more powerful flash!!


hair-cuts! They're so exciting!

My roomie K dog got her hair cut. She's donating her hair (like a foot of it) to some charity.

Also, she has crazy bear back hair!

Also, her freaking pony-tail has been sitting around for so long! I'll be eating breakfast and then realize in my sleepy morning haze that my elbow is resting on her pony-tail. Nasty!!