The Party Boy Lifestyle!!

These dudes have teamed up and are now creating merriment and wonder all throughout the Greater California region: Mr. Divisidero and the Party Boy Lifestyle!!! I like it because it's called the party boy lifestyle, coyly adapted from our friends' (probably namely Jason kidding Wilson) Actual existences!! Oh yeah, I also like it because the music makes me laugh and cry and sing along even though the words are barely intelligible. After one weekend of observing, my voice was totally thrashed. It's anthemic, it's wonderous, it's totally real. It's real, big, music.

this is Alex F. Just ripping so hard on the guitar. He is a bona fide shredder. This is rock music, by the way! It's not such that you think they're trying to be ironic either. These are just their tunes.

Jack is the Evil Genius behind the songz:

It's pretty easy to tell. Also, I think it's pretty aparant that he's much happier now than his music has shown in the past. This happiness leads to an epicness of romantic epic rock songs. I'd Highly recommend checking it all out on myspace or at Rontiki.com for some of the older stuff. That's also where some of these picts were lifted from, even though I took them I'll give credit where it's due, you know?

On a seperate, yet related note, this is the most BALLS OUT flick I've ever shot:

Billion Dollar Brian, unfortunately for the nature of stoke, RIP.

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