baseball games

If I were a pitcher in major league baseball, I would aim for this guy's head:

hate this dude

He's set to break the record. He's also really un-likable. Self-centered, arrogant (rightly so I guess), a doper, and he doesn't even like baseball. He's about to break one of the game's, heck all of games', records, the all time Home run record (unless every pitcher he faces beans him in the head). I think he's going to over come Hank Aaron's record. Isn't he also somehow related to Hank Aaron? I guess I could be a little more informed, but whatevs. Bean him in the head! Also of note: WHATEVER ANYWAYS. Joe Dimaggio had a hitting streak of 54 games. So that can be the new good hallowed record. All of Barry Bonds' teammates hate him. So, you know, I'm just not that fond of Barry Bonds!

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