Terrific coincidences

My grandma turned like 90 or something and we crowned her the princess of life, maiden of the sea, and amalgamator of the interior. The tiara was made of real star dust and moon beams.

This is just a dog in a flower pot.

bumming style

Man, Hanging out in a grassy lot amongst friends on a warm sunny late winters afternoon has got to be one of the best things in a young man's life. Add in a tall boy or two and we're really talkin. This lot is also probably a preferred bum hangout, but there weren't any bums there that day, save the three of us. There were some strewn about blankets and stuff though. Jake touched one of them. We were all, "I wouldn't touch that."
He was just trying to lube his chain.



The Party Boy Lifestyle!!

These dudes have teamed up and are now creating merriment and wonder all throughout the Greater California region: Mr. Divisidero and the Party Boy Lifestyle!!! I like it because it's called the party boy lifestyle, coyly adapted from our friends' (probably namely Jason kidding Wilson) Actual existences!! Oh yeah, I also like it because the music makes me laugh and cry and sing along even though the words are barely intelligible. After one weekend of observing, my voice was totally thrashed. It's anthemic, it's wonderous, it's totally real. It's real, big, music.

this is Alex F. Just ripping so hard on the guitar. He is a bona fide shredder. This is rock music, by the way! It's not such that you think they're trying to be ironic either. These are just their tunes.

Jack is the Evil Genius behind the songz:

It's pretty easy to tell. Also, I think it's pretty aparant that he's much happier now than his music has shown in the past. This happiness leads to an epicness of romantic epic rock songs. I'd Highly recommend checking it all out on myspace or at Rontiki.com for some of the older stuff. That's also where some of these picts were lifted from, even though I took them I'll give credit where it's due, you know?

On a seperate, yet related note, this is the most BALLS OUT flick I've ever shot:

Billion Dollar Brian, unfortunately for the nature of stoke, RIP.

tuna melts! Hot Dogs need not apply

I'm always taking pictures of the meals I create. Some rolls are just salads, potatoes, smokie links, you name it. Usually, though, they're all steamy and then the lens gets fogged and the pictures don't work out at all. Or the red of the beets comes out brown or whatever. It's never how I planned it. Sometimes I don't even know why I try at all. Point and shoot photography is just kind of random and not that good for food shots, I guess. Well, not so this day:

Doggone perfect. Also, there are just loads of good circles there. The tomatos, the english muffins, the baking pan, the stove eye back there. There are also great right angles! Heck Yes!! I am so psyched about this picture!!! I also ate these with aplomb!!

baseball games

If I were a pitcher in major league baseball, I would aim for this guy's head:

hate this dude

He's set to break the record. He's also really un-likable. Self-centered, arrogant (rightly so I guess), a doper, and he doesn't even like baseball. He's about to break one of the game's, heck all of games', records, the all time Home run record (unless every pitcher he faces beans him in the head). I think he's going to over come Hank Aaron's record. Isn't he also somehow related to Hank Aaron? I guess I could be a little more informed, but whatevs. Bean him in the head! Also of note: WHATEVER ANYWAYS. Joe Dimaggio had a hitting streak of 54 games. So that can be the new good hallowed record. All of Barry Bonds' teammates hate him. So, you know, I'm just not that fond of Barry Bonds!

Bland Frandsisco

Chinatown is so awesome. We got some soup and a budweiser in a weird restaurant. We didn't get any bootlegged gear though. The bootlegged gear that I own is a huge silk Chanel scarf and a double XL Vouie Lutton hoodie. The Sweatshirt was found on P's doorstep. The scarf I traded her for a different scarf. She bought it on canal st. I was there. I didn't buy a Rolex. I think I get enough props from just the hoodie.

This time in SF we were just a night and an afternoon. There were crappy bars, good bars, good friends, psychosis, and Pizza. It was my second time there. I really wanted to move there after the first time. Now I really don't want to.

Adventures and Vectors

This is a vortex. A vortex is where energy swirls around and creates heady visuals and deep thoughts. It looks like splash mountain at Disney land, huh? I climbed to the top. I didn't have any heady visuals. Just then, a Woman appeared!

See her down there? I was all : "SAY WHAT!!" Overall, the vortex was awesome. A woman appeared and appeared to put up with me.