hello to Uncle Al

Hello from NC. We evacuated an island and are now doing quarantine in NC. All mostly healthy. Saturday was our flight and then I think Monday UK was locked down, so we made it in the nick of time. Very stressed since then. Impossible to not make the decision we did when we did, but feeling very guilty now about ... basically breaking the rules. Only travel if absolutely necessary, etc. Plus just the I guess guilt to get out when we could, to come somewhere so much more cush, when many can't. Hope we didn't put anyone at unnecessary risk (3 plane loads of people), but shit, they were at Heathrowe just like us. I don't know. I guess just a shitty stressful situation no matter which way you cut it. Prayers up for everyone.


book club - meet me at the public library

we moved and I sold pretty much all my books. All my life up until now I was buying books basically just to fill up the shelves. Lots of goodwill titles in there. In some ways I guess it's fine to unload them but in others I miss having a meager library in the house. Well, a less meager library. I packed a few to London. The kids' shelves are still overflowing though, so I think that's nice. We probably packed 40 lbs of kids books.


day trippin

LB and I took a trip to Deptford for some lebanese sandwiches. start at duckman tower and take the DLR. It was just to get lunch


love birds

love birds

hectic town, so crowded




sometimes I just want to take corny pics ok!? Quite the viaduct in London, for the Northern line if I remember correctly.


when in rye

do as the rye dudes do


digital litter

**** alley
bedroom window
rye train station


last days in raleigh


more manic vandalism

english chanel

whose child

rock beach: Best type? sand is such a disgusting pain in the but


boy and I got out for a 1 on 1 outing. Lots of laughs to be had. Enjoyed it

digital litter

some old beasts from hampstead heath



digital litter

brittain tree

this is from Hampstead Heath, the park with the good climbing trees


a creepy amount of birds
nice bush out at the zoo


this was from a short lived church we enjoyed for a little while.
we're pretty close to this canal. O to live on some water. Some day

hampstead heath

there's a nice park - hampstead heath, which has a huge hill overlooking town, plus lots of mud bogs and great climbing tress. We've made it out there a few times. Good to get whatever passes for fresh air in this town.



bar code tree

bar code tree from when I helped some friends move. Here for just 4 months and already helping someone move! Lots of nice birch & sycamore trees here. Can't get enough of that wild bark baby

interesting medium for a rave

would have needed a panoramic camera to catch the whole wall. Intriguing tale to say the least