storm rollin in! Still

someday hopefully I'll mail in my next batch of film.


only posting pictures from the beach from now on

I'm not even kidding I guess. That's just the caliber I am now. Oh well plenty of the heavens out there.

sweet child o mine

a rare end of the roll shot. We walked to this cave at the end of the beach and there were all these creepy cave bugs slithering all around it. It was pretty disgusting!

vacationing takes it out of you sometimes when you're three


boy was rocking a broken wing for a few weeks. he's all better now.

delete your email

bed blinds and beyond. hope everyone is having a nice thanksgiving weekend.


sand bar

after the dive bar, a sand bar is a top bar category.

weddings are the best

wish there were more occasions for tuxedos


not the best kind of flowers in the real world but pretty good ones to take pictures of. Tulips might rule both realms.

please don't filberts shirt with ice

middle cape I think

these waves breaking on these rocks is one of my favorite things in the earth
the odd camera malfunction isn't so bad either though
chilling in the current isn't so bad. I guess I'm saying be who you are and I'll try to be happy in my skin too.

ram country


wow this is significantly harder with the correct lines

Original post below was using last years lines! No wonder I thought there were so many gimmies. These guesses feel pretty shaky! One thing I would pretty safely bet on is our household getting NBA League Pass again. What a package! Can my streak continue? Like 4 years running of more than 50% right! Also lol I picked the Wizards to go over 45 wins but under 43. There are probably other examples of that type of inconsistency. I'm a moron.


it's that time of year!

Feeling most sheepish regarding Indiana, Washington, Spurs, and Milwaukee picks. My old mantra of always take the Spurs over is going against always take the Spurs over because Tim Duncan philosophy. Quite the quandary! Blazers had 51 wins last year btw.

I think the others are 100% certain though.

EDIT: Embarrassing! These are last years lines. I will do a new post.


front of the roll


One of the few bays on the west coast without a river running into it. Makes for good seafood, not having a lot of agricultural runoff spilling in. Out of this world oysters an obviously about 16 crab this day.


just you and the birds and the whole ocean

the sun

PNW sun is different from the southern sun. Angles are different and the amount of air it's coming through too. Sunburns are different there! Shadows are sharper. It's one of the columns in which the south edges out on top - our sky/atmosphere/sun is a little better. Look at me calling it our. #everypostisanoutoftownerpost #whatishome #whoami #thickblood #thickskull


oceanside Oregon

thinking of trying to start an exploration of industrial materials, the first of which I want to be is that diamond patterned chrome, you know what I'm talking about? Like the kind on a mounted toolbox on a Chevy Silverado? Was trying for that here.