memorial coliseum

coliseum is oddly impossible to spell.  It's so simple.  Anyways, I went to an Ale Fest in the basement there for a networking event (24 year old me is rolling his eyes hard) and afterwards, aled, I snuck into the coliseum.  It was perfect dark and empty as far as I could tell.  I think I browsed my phone for a while and tried to feel the vibes of the NBA Finals and other hallowed things that happened in there.

Church Tree

ex-church tree.


New construction on Ankeny.  On the job shack someone hastily wrote "Fuck these condos."  They let all the other graffiti go, that I can see, but they scrubbed that one off fast.


Playoff basketball is intense.  Up 2-0 you gotta love it right now.  I kind of prefer that the season end when it ends though.  82 games is plenty.  I was pretty nervous about the Rockets.  I knew that there would be no higher high than knocking them off though.  So far so good.  The Blazers have the longest active playoff series victory drought in the NBA.  Maybe they're due.  This is the smokers perch at the late season Memphis W, where they killed them.
My level of plant ownership is nowhere near in line with my level of plant obsession.  C'est la vie I guess.  Anyways, I'm persistently optimistic about my future now that I'm a tax professional.

fallin off

a few future type posts here tonight.  Love these blinds.


southern california is real pretty

 one hour of entertainment per beach toy
basically limitless hours of entertainment this shower.

 I'm allowed to take sunset pictures on my birthday


after 81 games

don't quit your day job junior.



us and the mikes

good guys those mikes.  This was a while ago.
they were pretty gracious but we were so pumped up.  I probably gave out 200 high fives after the game.  That the Blazers barely won.  Against Utah.  At home.  "A win's a win" was my rallying cry.

Also looking at these now I know next time we gotta get out there and shoot some free-throws!


seattle sojourn

this was my view from my desk in Seattle.  They were like "yeah try to get one thing done good luck."  Ferries kept coming and going.  I love that city so much.  It's so much more rooted in NW iconography (think American Indian and sea life) than home.  They have a real identity there.  I saw a building with walrus gargoyles.  It was the headquarters of the Arctic Club.  Lots of notable architecture.  Took a walk through the new library.  It is world-class cool.

walking around at night.  Had dinner with Gilbert and 2nd dinner with Brady and Kiana.
Good times were flowing
View out the hotel window.  I hadn't yet learned a focusing feature on my new camera.  So this is the window of the hotel.  It was see-through.

blue zoo

human zoo

hide and go seek

haute babies

mom spot


human zoo


good place to take pictures, the zoo.  Ask any geek.



some funny stuff going on on the banks of the Willamette in Portland.  People are living in boats anchored long term and they're making weird organizations on the rocky beaches.

dfw again

only way in or out of that place!
I found a good spot with Lone Stars on offer.  Had a seat and watched the people pass by.

I have infiltrated the capitalist mainframe

from a training week in Texas.  It was like a hotel with lots of classrooms.  And probably the best buffet I've ever seen.  The bathroom was nice you can see but the shower water smelled really gross, which killed any enjoyment one could wring out of a hotel shower.

westlake tx