I found a suitable film lab. So coming Tuesday Jan 28, 2020, I'll be posting my butt off. Stay tuned!

no overlap

sometimes during work I'll wander around. In so doing yesterday I randomly found this tunnel, which I don't expect any of the 50backflips regulars to recognize, but some of you could possibly guess it's a skatespot from one of my favorite videos growing up, the baker bootleg (seen at 42:25 here)

When we visited in February of last year we happened upon the meanwhile skatepark under the bridge, from where certain things have happened also in that world. Anyways, so many years later it doesn't matter one way or the other other than the fact that these things are just part of my (damaged?) DNA by now. Hard to put into words what I'm trying to say. I was just walking around trying to get lost and then I was face to face with this very minor, actually like totally incidental area of london architecture, something which almost doesn't matter at all, and yet there it was, and here I am typing about it


Forgot my camera

beautiful day at the park. Good place to find some skippers. Forgot to bring any camera on vacation for the first time in my adult life. Europe has changed me lol.


trash fox

I'm back baby, it's a cell phone blog again, 2020 style


hello from london

might be a while before I find a film lab - the last blogger ever, dropping off and signing out


live from london

hello - will try to get back into photography. I'm not sure how I'll manage. Just effort I guess.
In the meantime! Enjoy my gambling picks for the year. Gambling is actually legal here and there are so many gambling stores. They're too seedy to enter plus I told P I'd abstain so we continue to play for pride!



people are still cleaning up off of last year's hurricanes, now they got some new ones coming in. Prayers up for everybody with a salt life bumper sticker

ready to go


scenes from the floor

excited to be working within walking distance to the tate, god I'm tired of walking around downtown raleigh. what a one horse town


january plunge (up to his knees, more than I dared)

brief SLR; full roll

Mitch was kind enough to gift me an Olympus. I think this might be the only, or one of the only, rolls I put through it. Kids doing camo in DC.

picture frame and curtain
not sure what this is
freaky tipped dock
ah to take pictures in January, it's the best
the restaurant
colors and patterns and what's that?...

the couch is watching you
well I sure did abort that raleigh grid project. this was me walking around, realizing maybe the camera was broken (or maybe it was one of my other cameras which was breaking this walk)

yeah it sure is

there is potential here for a killer grid showing. I'm too much a dilletante

classic grid aesthetic though

killer night

removed one shot of P preemptively. some people don't want to be on the web!