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so unfortunately I've found that the labs in Raleigh are just trash. I sent my film this time to a lab in Georgia (keep it local ese), but to economize with shipping it I had to build up a bit of a backlog.  I mailed 9 rolls down there.  Processing was $200.  I think for the quality I might just send it back to Portland.  Citizens and Pro Photo are both better.  That or I'll retire or start with home-processing (RIP the blog in that case, most likely)  Anyhow, that's why the long delay.  You can't imagine how hard it is to finish a roll these days.

We played some badminton for Thanksgiving.  My whole clan came to NC.  It was great.  Then now I just read about Clyde Common on the internet and I'm homesick all over again.


checking in

basically killin it!  Check out my formula bar for some serious problem solving.


you old diamond

take out for one

new stuff

I'm boycotting both trash film labs in Raleigh.  One can't figure out how to get the film loaded into their machines properly and the other has repeatedly lost my film.  I may do a full on b&w revival where I process all my own film (open question is to if/how they get online).  Mail order is another option.  Retirement isn't out of the picture either.  I am for the time being stockpiling shot film on top of my dresser.

sweet science



laundry.  Ann was in town.  We visited some of her NC people, some of whom had a new baby.  Out in some suburb of town.  There are like kajillions of different towns around here.  I will figure them out eventually possibly.


new thing

I want to take lots of pictures in the future of these towers (radio, tv, cell phone, Washington Monument) anything I can find.  I like their beaconness and their recepibility.  I was at one point really onto something with my pictures.  I want to work to get back to there.

james jumping

new era of action shots.

I am seriously considering quitting the local lab in favor of home development.  Short term that might mean we have fewer shots on here.  (as though this is still the spot it was in the past).  In my defense, this will be a money saving move and the local lab has lost my film on more than one occasion.  I think eventually I'll get a computer of my own and a film scanner and we'll be pumping out the jams.  But I believe B&W home processing at least is too good a deal to pass up (home printing to come, bucket list style, eventually).  I'm getting grand ambitions in a way.  I think I spotted a configuration of our future bathroom where I could get an enlarger setup and somehow MacGyver something with the bathtub where I could line up the treys in there somehow.

Anyhow, boy was launching himself.


brain drain

Gotta check some out in the winter.  Days are so short though!  Our neighbor recently appeared to get a canoe-- need to muster up the courage about borrowing it.  And take it in some tubes or something.

outstanding seafood hut


seafood supplier

still figuring out how to shoot sky-scapes.  Had to work quick here-- smelled like a tipped over out house.

brief queen

I think I should retire the "out of towners" tag.  It's like tagging each post "pictures" or "whining."

guess how many times I've listened to this song today.

a.c.e. american coaster enthusiast

I rode some coasters as a kid but never many insane ones as an adult.  I'd like to get out here some day and get twisted around.


through time through the 645

on a last hurrah with my old dudes in Oregon.  Dan
these trees are gorgeous
Chris and his insane dog Heebie
note the mountains in the back.  I miss steep grade way more than I expected to.  That and the brisk nature of Pacific air.
took this one before I ever borrowed a Hassleblad with a 2.8 lens.

we drank some liquor and smoked some cigarettes and drove in the gorge.  The best place to drive.  Found some good small town bars and played some appropriate music on the jukeboxes there.  Played a little pool.

And then one day you wake up in Raleigh, NC.  In spring.

Me and boy tried to find where two notable local rivers converge.  The Crabtree Creek and I believe the Neuse River.  These were for sure after I borrowed the HBad.

Reload.  We did find a fun spot but it was less . . . significant than I had hoped.  No Kelly point I guess I'm saying.  Good canoeing terrain, but we were landlocked.

I sensed a rain storm coming and we high tailed it.  I was very proud of boy for packing up on short notice.  We wound up making it to a shelter some 15 minutes away literally only 10 seconds too late.  We got soaked in like 10 seconds.

dog's getting along with us usually.  He's back in the picture to some degree.