the void

rober miller ripoff

this is very reminiscent of my college photography teacher's vibe. I need to get a darkroom setup! Miss the chemicals, miss holding something in my fingers, getting great prints. at one point I got pretty good at it.


on the plus side I'm toiling baybeeeee

2019 resolutions - blog the same amount

you'll never believe this but I'm confusing which grid squares are which. So take these references with a grain of salt. Whatever you do don't base any life and death decisions on the blog baby.

bethel nc

cotton field

more from the grid

more from the grid

raleigh grid project


magic stand of trees old oaks

the way the wind was blowing through there was elemental. Happy 2019!


anyone got any good ideas for new years resolutions? I think I'm going to try to go all out in 2019.


white balance

I've been enjoying getting lights into my shots lately

raleigh grid project


Raleigh has lots of swampy woods


this was one of the nicest philodendrons that I'd ever seen. Ours is so paltry. Also I love the lightbulbs up on the shed. I swear to g is the lab messed up or did I really forget how to operate a camera? Several rolls back that all look either under developed or underexposed. It is most likely me.
cc dommengang I heard you need a new photographer


we were boiling at this outdoor wedding

bill bored

this is that dumb roll I thought was color. alas!! Shout out to missy who reminded me to post a picture every now and then.


baby is a tall bean
the marina
get roll back like this all underexposed or underdeveloped or both and it honestly makes me want to quit taking pictures. Plus I got no one to complain to.


nb the grid squares I'm using are from the Rand McNally road map for Raleigh. I guess Durham got a-z and Raleigh is all these crazy squares.

Also another note even though I'm in the south I can't get any detail in the sky. maybe in my next life


had great luck with these mexican red sunflowers this year, although they ate one of our shrubs sort of. swallowed it whole almost, now it's all wilted. The birds and the bees loved these bad boys though, and they grew well overhead, just what I had in mind. tried moving in too, but we kept the windows shut.


Livings mostly wasting time, and I waste my share of mine

At a certain point you just have to get out there and do it. Based on the Portland Grid Project, where you divide a city into 1 square mile sections and tackle them, one by one, I'm going to try it in Raleigh. The Portland project I believe is a collaborative affair, where people get together monthly maybe and have beers and show pictures and chat about the far wrung sections of town no one would otherwise have ventured out to. And of course it was heavy hitters doing the venturing. Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This will be like the homeless man's version, albeit with better photos (joking!)

I look forward to what I believe is the core mission of a grid project - to go where you otherwise wouldn't think to and to see things you otherwise wouldn't. And then if there's a secondary mission it would be to crank a ton of pictures, and in my case hopefully get back into some sort of swing of something. Since the kids were born I've basically become a vacation photographer, which doesn't seem sufficient sometimes.

So far I've been out like 4 times over two sections. Of course the first roll was a disaster - I thought I had color loaded but I didn't. My last batch of film back in general looked distinctly like my high school work. I have forgotten how to operate a camera. So the project is off to a start. Is it a dynamite start? No. But hopefully now I'll waste fewer golden hours. Or maybe I'll give it up forever. Time will tell.