maybe the most anachronistic bumper sticker ever



Oregon vacation from the summer: Dropped the camera and the back popped open, lots of smashed windshields everywhere, and a bit of light calisthenics.



seattle sojourn so many years later

self portrait from another dimension

got to take the ferry out to Bainbridge Island with these two legends and couldn't believe my good fortune to do so the whole time


I had written 3200 words on this day's visit to the NCGA but won't post it on the advice of my editors. Maybe I'll start another blog, one that's even more anonymous! The 'net is a tricky beast.


camera's gone batty

work bins

my folks were in town for xmas and new years - we built a shelf for my burgeoning record collection and made cookies and played cards and dominoes. Good visit! Love you mom and dad.

b I'm back out my coma

slightly dent your corolla, ok I smashed your corolla. I had the life of pablo on repeat more than anything else in 2016. Trying to think of what could have been a close second.

Just back from Asheville. Cool town! Was wishing we had dropped the kids off somewhere for the trip though. Long drives, double queen rooms, and the coolest used bookstores aren't so conducive to being 3 or 5. We did hike up to a waterfall today though and that was fun for the whole family. And of course road snacks.


storm rollin in! Still

someday hopefully I'll mail in my next batch of film.


only posting pictures from the beach from now on

I'm not even kidding I guess. That's just the caliber I am now. Oh well plenty of the heavens out there.

sweet child o mine

a rare end of the roll shot. We walked to this cave at the end of the beach and there were all these creepy cave bugs slithering all around it. It was pretty disgusting!

vacationing takes it out of you sometimes when you're three


boy was rocking a broken wing for a few weeks. he's all better now.

delete your email

bed blinds and beyond. hope everyone is having a nice thanksgiving weekend.