Gambling guesses come back to earth

to quote a philosopher: RAAAAT FAAAARRRRRTS. I blame the iphone honestly. It's hard to have coherent thoughts in the 21st century.



nc's architects aren't doing anything to distinguish themselves. it's particularly sad when the town actually does have a pretty cool heritage of design forward buildings.


missing that nw sky now

what kind of facepaint do you want?

can you just make me look cartoonishly homely?


after I took this one I took off runnin down the street

swimmin hole full of rum


eyes on the sky


reasons portland is busted

these are two old portland reasons that portland always sucked (busted windows and barefoot creepers in the powells bathroom). not pictured are the condos and million dollar homes and creative production companies and other reasons to flee.

classic shot of boy shredding


this is our neighborhood vibe. pretty nice! could be worse.

impressive tree

this one's all me though

I feel like Missy would have had a more elegant take on this law firm. Hard to not encroach on her vibe when you're driving around in the South, even if it's not the deep south.


boy and I are essentially the same person. He's the best.


honestly it was one of the most lovely weddings ever

street fighter 2 tournament edition

seattle sojourn pt 3

uh Jason could you look more stoked please (next day on the ferry) there it is! This was an all timer of a night man, tell you what.

cabron footprint

back yard