some close ups


some of my jams

 I'm a sucker for that prefab lattice and any rose bush
 and cars with covers
and the flag as window dressing


got to allow yourself a bad sunset shot every now and then

the sky

just pulled the trigger on a replacement camera. $85 for something that was $15 like 6 years ago or so. Buy and hold compact point and clickers if you want to get rich. They are appreciating if they're not smashed to bits from use (my method). So we'll be back blogging baby! Did you notice that i didn't have a working 35mm camera? (no)


found a cool reservoir. Wow! spelled reservoir correctly. Lots of goose poop. Someday I'll chill out and read a book on that brown grassy dike. until then though I'm running baby


Good thing I only bet for pride. And good thing pride is a sin.


going through the archives. I think that's a real bear


accidentally hit the button?

another one from back around 2015 or so. greatest misses!



last days in the gorge

photo by dan. For some reason there's a lot of nice shots on this roll that I labelled as being a disappointment in the files. From a 2015 drive out to the gorge with dan and chrisp (aka a bag of chips)


one of my favorite places in raleigh is this huge field at NCSU. The lights come on and the sky is always a fantastic contrast. Did a couple of laps around it last night en route to another 8 miler 👻 

Also just wanted to note that I'm having some tech. difficulties in getting these to display as wanted. Feedback is welcome. There are a few sizes on display.

It works on my windows laptop, but not if I drag it to a larger screen. It doesn't work on the mac laptop. go figure


had fancy lunch yesterday. I gotta say I'm not into full length fur coats!


we've got some good running spots from around here. Doing a marathon Feb 17! Woot! Now I'm going to eat a bag of chips because carbs!

18 miles 16 degrees

was going to post todays pano from my freezing run (cotton is cool!) but my phone won't connect with the computer, so you get this blast from 2015 or there about


in de pines

a dawn of a new age! I was reading up on the Hassy Xpan last night and I'm thankful for 2018 that I don't have to babysit one of those hunks of junk. But will it stop me from buying a $500 P&S dream camera alternative hunk of junk?


no chance we all get real tired of this real quick

2018 - only posting panoramics from the iphone

as my 35mm dreams have petered out, I revert to a digi blog. Pictured here is boy doing a landscape drawing


beach emergency

everyone seemed like they'd make it. If I had any fire in my belly I'd tell about the young hotshot would be lifeguard that I spoke with. Maybe another time.


S's handiwork. nice job srv



I'm thankful! we had a feast. I'm thankful for my family, young and old alike. All magical. Hopefully everyone out there is happy. Also I'm thankful that someone will someday send me a working Ricoh FF-1. LOL



I own no functioning 35mm cameras. Like the one that took this masterpiece won't even fire any more. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU



green thumb

our house came with this decades old potted philodendron and as I'm branching out trying to figure out gardening and lawn care I come to realize there is no substitute for old growth. But hopefully within 12 months I'll be able to reignite the #flowers tag on the old blog so I guess there is that. PS I've already killed the philodendron once but it's back baby. Maybe you can't kill it.