old man backflips helped me build some shelves for my baby record collection over christmas. it's still standing! Good times


from my bday in january

kung fu kenny! finally some hills out there!
sundays finest

pretty flat

beach day time summer (ish) nc facing due south pretty bright


blurry shots baby


wilson for 2/10ths of a second

I think my camera battery died and I put like 80 rolls through it with only the "BULB" setting available (dead battery default), where the button stays down as long as your finger is on there. Made for some blonde on blonde level blurry pictures. Typically I like the sharper shots but part of growing up is learning to make do with what you got and honestly if it's good enough for blonde on blonde I should learn to work it! I finally put a new battery in the Nth hand camera from 19XX so maybe it'll be good going forward for a while. But maybe that thing is just toast. It's been a good run.


back in NC after 14 days in OR. After spending some time at my parents and brothers homes (epic NW gardeners each), my yard feels pretty unkempt, especially coming home after a heat/sun wave down here, where stuff just invades our non-napalmed landscape. It was a little shocking how mutantly large some of the weeds are if you don't see them everyday.

So yesterday and today I'm donning a full coverage wardrobe (to help with the skeeters and sun it's old long dockers, old button down work shirts, a wet scarf, and an ultimate gardener/beach hat and I'm feeling this look!) and sweating out some yard work (pulling up the growth since we've been gone and maybe today I'll forge a border one one of our beds). Eventually some day sometimes I fantasize about being an award winning horticulturist (lilies and tulips are my faves) so what better time than now to get to it, in the most incremental way possible. One step at a time I always say. I like the looks of homemade yard work. Hiring it out is popular in our hood and I'm just not into it. Leaf blowers are the worst!

Good and bad to be back. Last night I couldn't sleep so I started worrying about my job but that thing always works out ok and I just need to learn that. I never really thought about it when I was away and that was niiiiiiiice. Oregon is such a pretty state it's not even funny. Pictures to come probably by Christmas time.



went for a ride

went for a bike ride around town before a dinner at the Ruby Tuesdays.

I should get back into taking pictures more often. Lately it has been lots of acoustic guitar and library books, not to mention parenting, husbandry (sic) and obviously the job. All my hobbies (not counting work/family life) are pretty classic loner deals. I'm fine with it.


no where to go
in a big pointless circle
when I opened my eyes
the sky was like neon

battery dead


Western NC is more my speed. I need some outcroppings and vistas and whatnot I've found. Not to mention waterfalls obvs.



on the road

about three blocks back you can barely see a pretty killer carport. I guess that's not really how photography works.


dang near courtside

interior design straight out of an 80's movie.
the dc basketball stadium - Hank hooked up darn near courtside seats. There was free beer so that was a big win. And lots of food down there. All different styles of food. I love it when old timers have a longstanding relationship with the ushers btw.
we were so close this felt hot on your face
nate dogg had his Sheed jersey, which was also a win. It was a matinee game so we were slightly maybe a tiny bit hung, so slight L on that one.  Live and learn as I always say.
we were right down there! However the Blazers were blown out by like 40 points (slight L) but they covered the 2H spread as far as I know so it was like a push as far as Nate was concerned. Long time ago! MLK Day 2017

new topographic esque



hiking and outdoors

I could hang in a forest forever
got to see a couple waterfalls in western NC which is a pretty part of this state. back in January, which they should rename Johnuary IMO


bs to the w

rangefinder blues - when you forget what you have loaded and throw caution to the wind and put a yellow filter on there. And then protester blues too. I went solo to I think it was the womens march here in Raleigh (was going to take the kids #littlesocialists but they went to the circus with wife and MIL). Lots of people! I parked my bike near my work prior to the march and but then when the march was over there were lots of speeches and my bike was basically at ground zero of the most intense mass of people gathered around for those speeches. I couldn't get it out until the crowd had well dispersed. So I walked around and took these two pictures and lost my gloves somewhere.


some thoughts

Maybe just as Missy always gets bitchin old rides in her shots I'll get contemporary General Motors SUVs in mine. It's worked for me before (one of my favorite shots of all time btw, shot on an outing with none other than Missy herself!) even if they aren't the most architectural of vehicles. Something off with the light in the bottom one here keeping it from any type of keeper, but at least it got me thinking I guess. Like fear not the Yukon, avoid not the Suburban XL. Doesn't really track when you're biking through town but maybe not a bad ethos when hunting for pics (the once or twice a year I set out to do it).